Important announcement regarding our upcoming exhibition:

As you may know we had to postpone the April 6-21 scheduled exhibition at Mt. San Jacinto College's lovely art gallery.
While we were hoping to bring the works to the Inland Empire on this first showing, we have now been offered to put the POTFM on exhibition at USC's Hillel Center Art Gallery. This is very exciting for myself personally as the concept of the memorial project began many years ago while perusing my Masters in Public Art at USC!

 The show will open In June and we will announce specifics dates so be sure to check back.

You may also visit our Facebook page here for info and be sure to LIKE it to get the up-to-the-minute info.

If you need any information about the show or are interested in being an artist or a family who would like to have your loved one painted by one of our fine artists please contact us at