We are excited to announce our FIRST exhibition of the POTFM.

Mount San Jacinto College Gallery to Feature Portraits of the Fallen Memorial

San Jacinto, California: From April 6th through April 25th, the Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery will be exhibiting 160 paintings from the “Portraits of the Fallen Memorial,” [a 501c3 partner organization of the Pasadena Arts Council].

Each five inch by five inch portrait featured in the exhibition has been crafted by an artist to commemorate a member of the United States armed services who gave his or her life while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. There are 155 Portraits of the California Fallen completed to date. The ultimate goal of the project is to depict All 6500+ fallen US Heroes.. The portraits will be digitized so they can be included in a digital application accessible on computers and mobile devices. Also planned is a tile-based monument of each portrait. The portraits will travel and be displayed in venues across the state.
The MSJC exhibit will also incorporate a multi-media video projection with sound: Portraits on Video.
The opening public reception will be on Saturday April 6th 2013, from 3pm to 7pm.

The Mount San Jacinto College Art Gallery is located at
1499 N. State St. Building 1400, San Jacinto, CA 92583.

Gallery Hours are Mondays thru Thursdays
between the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

To learn more about the Portraits of the Fallen Memorial, visit them on the web at:
Or contact the program’s Director, Sherry Moore at info@portraitsofthefallenmemorial.org

“We will always remember – We will never forget.”

                                                            Contact: Joe Posadas                                      Mount San Jacinto College
                                                            MSJC Gallery                                                  1499 N. State Street
                                                            Phone: (951) 487-3585                                      San Jacinto, CA 92583
                                                            jposadas@msjc.edu                                         www.msjc.edu

List of Participating Artists

Allicotti Sharon
Almanza Eric
Andersen Vicki
Annakin Pauline
Arriola Martin
Aryai Sia
Avesar Nurit
Baghdasarian Seda
Balch Christina
Barwary Bayar
Bateman Brian
Belcher Susanne
Bell Victoria
Bert Guillermo
Blevins Linda
Bonassi Jodi
Brandstein Eve
Brehm Quathryn
Callahan Gary
Carrie Dennis
Chadwick Gregg
Chambers Richard
Cheng Selina
Chow Linco
Cibere Joe
Cohen Robin
Conte Terese
Cooper Nessa
Cooper Todd
Cooper Virginia
Cortier Romi
Croce Ingrid
Curry-Coates Christine
Curtis Chick
Davies-Aiyeloja Adeola
Davis Eric
Decca Wanda
Demopoulos Peter
Dickey Alison
Dobkin Debra
Eckelberry Lore
Engel Fran
Erestingcol Ariel
Erickson Nancy
Feldman Roni
Fenskee Karalee
Finkelstein Laurie
Galen John
Garner-Roski Gayle
Garner Tom
Gassner Barbara
Gerges Joseph
Gesundheit Susan
Gillengerten Yvonne
Goldman Ken
Goldman Stephanie
Gorman David
Gray Frank
Gray Ja'Rie
Greene Millie
Hamilton Cynthia
Hammond Terra
Hanly Linda
Heimbold Dick
Hextrum Robin
Hoback Marilyn
Hoffman Annie
Hood Victoria
Hsu Julienne
Jacksen-Wood Carol
Jacobi Kathy
Johnson Julienne
Johnson Monique
Kamin Jacqueline
Kamin Stacy
Kanter Phil
Kari Morgan
Kvitky Terry
Laski Michelene
Leggett Alice
Leider Susan
Levin Ben
Levy Caryl Christian
Liff Stew
Livingston Alyse
Livingston Kelsey
Macdonald-Meier Melissa
Mainieri Anne
Martin Jesse
Mattos Teresa
McAllister Cristina
Meisels Patricia
Miller Scott
Miner Bettie Grace
Miyazaki Yuki
Montague Taylor
Morrow-Knilans Robin
Musakhanyan Argishti
Nach Jackie
Nishiyama Curtis
Obermeyer Veronica
Olenik Janet
Patton Carole
Peluce Gyorgyi
Poole-Roth Vicki
Potter Serena
Pullini-Brown Ada
Ramona Lola
Ramos Christina
Reid Ian
Reis Kathie
Robinson Shirley
Rodriquez Max
Rohrbacher Katherine
Rozasy Frank
Salamon Bradford J
Sanchez Julio
Sanchez Luis
Schaefer Alexander
Shackooreyan Mandana
Shelton Betty
Sikie Karen
Smiley Slade
Sokolow Debra
Song Le
Spinks Johanna
Spring Mary
Stergulz Rich
Stern Jim
Stone Viviana
Storc Ann
Sturcke Otto
Surewin Robert
Swan-McDonald Debi
Sykes Jill
Trudelle Kyle
Tucker Lizz
Twitchell Kent
Unger Katy
Varinelli John
Vidal Enrique
Von Flue Dawn
Washburn Elizabeth
Waters Pamela
Weil Donna
Weisberg Ruth
Winget Jason
Yang Rimi
Yee Karen
Yorba Kathleen
Young Joan
Zarcone John
Zokosky Peter